Partnerships and Consortia

Partnerships and consortia are ways of bringing together different organisations and agencies to achieve a joint goal. This may involve  the closer alignment of different agencies services, to mutual benefit of those agencies and those using their services.

More often, in the current climate they are funding relationships where agencies come together to jointly bid for funding. Indeed some funding streams will only accept proposals from partnerships or consortia. Partnerships can take many forms, ie lead body and sub-contractors, supply chains(with several levels of sub-contracting) and fully equal partnerships.

Partnerships, when they work, achieve better results for those using a service. However they can also be messy and time-consuming and can quickly hit problems if issues such as accountability and performance have not been thought through.

BidRightBiz MD  Steve Johnson has had experience of pulling together consortia, including up to 14 organisations and of the various pitfalls and how to avoid them. We can provide advice and support and act as an intermediary  and facilitator in creating new partnerships and joint ventures

We can also advise organisations who are considering or have been offered sub-contracts by larger organisations, such as in the Work Programme, on the do’s and don’t of different types of sub-contacting so that smaller players don’t get their fingers burnt.