Strategic Analysis & Planning

If business planning is about the short term, perhaps the next year, then strategic analysis and  planning is about the long term, the next 3-5 years. Organisations usually undertake strategic analysis and planning when  either they are new, or are considering fundamental change to that  organisation’s role and direction.

It starts with a thorough analysis of the environment within which an organisation is operating ie the issues, policy, funding and all the other variables which can affect and organisation. From there it is possible to work out the vision, mission and values (to use the jargon) which underpin an organisations view of itself.  It is then possible to set out structured goals and timescales which can then be broken down into smaller goals and shorter timeframes through the business planning process.

Bidright. Biz has much experience of strategic planning. BidRightBiz MD Steve Johnson, has written numerous strategic  plans  and focused on strategic planning when undertaking his Masters Degree at Durham University Business School.