Business Planning & Analysis

In the current climate, organisations need to be clear about what an organisation, project or partnership is seeking to achieve and how it is going to get there. BidrightBiz can assist organisations of all sizes to analyse policy developments which will affect them, facilitate the process of deciding what they want to do, help develop effective business plans an assist in measuring progress against those plans.

Long gone are the days when a  voluntary or public sector  organisation could think of an idea and then set about implementing it on a wing and a prayer. Many funding submissions require a business plan these days. In any event any organisation or team setting out to take their organisation or a team forwards needs to a have a thought through plan of what they want to do. Business plans shouldn’t have a mystique, it isn’t rocket science. Typically a plan says where you are now, where you want to be, what needs to happen in order to get there, who will do what and how will progress be measured.

BidRightBiz has a wealth of experience in creating and implementing business plans for project, services and organisations, large and small. Our aim is to   facilitate the business planning process so that you develop the business plan and you own it, not simply implement a business plan we give you.