BidRightBiz is an independent consultancy service working for the not for profit sector – charities, community groups, social enterprises and other non governmental organisations (NGO’s), Local Authorities and other statutory bodies, as well as partnerships and consortia.

BidRightBiz  is passionate about supporting organisations, large and small, working with disadvantaged and excluded individuals and groups. BidRightBiz MD Steve Johnson has 35 year’s experience of management within the voluntary sector in relation to deprivation and exclusion and in working closely with public sector organisations

BidRightBiz is focused on helping organisations to access funding and development opportunities:-

Applying for Funding

In the current economic situation competition for funding is fierce. Many larger organisations have their own teams of bid writers. BidRightBiz has extensive experience in writing and making funding applications and tender proposals in a range of settings. We have the ability to put together compelling, well crafted proposals to tight deadlines.

Identifying Funding

Before you can apply for funding you need to know what funding is available. Organisations need to be aware of both current and future opportunities. BidRightBiz is knowledgeable about many types of funding and can guide you through the funding maze.

Ready for Funding

Organisations have to have in place a range of policies and systems to be eligible for many types of funding, in particular public funding. BidRightBiz can assist in putting what’s needed in place, be it particular policies, a business plan or management information systems.

Business Planning and Analysis

In the current climate, organisations need to be clear about what an organisation, project or partnership is seeking to achieve and how it is going to get there. BidrightBiz can assist organisations of all sizes to analyse policy developments which will affect them, facilitate the process of deciding what they want to do, help develop effective business plans an assist in measuring progress against those plans.